Typing speed test

Timer : 1:00

Welcome to our Typing Speed Test!

Test your typing skills and challenge yourself to achieve the fastest words per minute (WPM) and characters per minute (CPM) scores. Our typing test is designed to assess your typing speed and accuracy, helping you become a faster and more efficient typist.


  1. The timer will start as soon as you begin typing.
  2. Type the text accurately and as quickly as possible.
  3. Words with errors (red) do not count in overall result.
  4. You will have one minute to complete the typing test.
  5. At the end of the test, your results will be displayed, showing your words per minute and characters per minute scores, and also accuracy.

Tips for a great score:

  • Focus on typing with both speed and accuracy.
  • Try to not make errors, misspelled words are not counted.
  • Keep your fingers on the home row keys to improve typing efficiency.
  • Don't look at the keyboard; try to touch-type if you can.
  • Stay relaxed and maintain a steady typing rhythm.
  • Practice regularly to improve your overall typing skills.

Ready to test your typing skills? Let's see how fast you can type!

Note: This typing test is for entertainment and self-improvement purposes. Your results may vary depending on factors such as device, keyboard, and typing experience. Average word length is 4.4 symbols.