Kohi click test

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Click on the blue button to start testing your click speed.

Why Kohi?

This strange name this test gets after the popular Minecraft PvP server Kohi, where the first in-game CPS test was made. Kohi's click test feature became so popular that players wanted to use this Minecraft clicker even after the server was closed, and even outside of the game. So here it is, enjoy!

What is click speed?

The thing we measure here is so called click speed. It indicates how many times you click in one period of time. Kohi test shows click speed in clicks per second (or CPS), this measure gets readable numbers like 5, 12, 20, not big not small and easy to compare.

How to use Kohi CPS test

You are presented with the simplest test on this site. Just click fast on the big blue button whatever is written on it (start or click). The result in clicks per second will appear immediately after you start clicking, it shows your average CPS over the last couple of seconds.

Benefits of fast clicking

Fast clicking become critical in games, especially where you need to play against other players like action shooters or Minecraft.

In Minecraft PvP the faster you click more damage you make. You will leave no chance to enemy if you swing a sword like a helicopter.

Another usage of fast clicking is Bridging – very useful skill an various game modes. The essence of the skill is simple - to build a bridge right in the air under your feet, and for this you need to be able to click quickly.

And one more example from Minecraft is ability to build walls fast for your own defense or to block an enemy.

How to click faster

There are many ways to improve your clicking speed, and the most obvious one is practice more in test like this.

If you seek for a special way, try the following click techniques:

Jitter click – straining your hand to make finger shake and hit the button like a jackhammer.

Butterfly click – fast pressing one button with two fingers one by one.

Drag click – drag your finger over the mouse button so finger starts “jumping” on rough surface of the button, causing multiple clicks.

Autoclickers – use a software, which makes clicks for you. Use this only if you play solo, because it is considered cheating.