Mouse Buttons Test

Check workability of your mouse buttons:
Place cursor inside this box
Click on any button or scroll the wheel to see if it works.

What does this mouse test do?

This test allows to test any computer mouse button which are present on the picture above.

Place the cursor on the picture and click the mouse buttons to check them. If the button lights up on the picture, after you pressed it, then it’s working.

You can test only those buttons that are present in the image.

Left and right mouse buttons

Those are two buttons any mouse has.

Left button is used for various actions like open files, shortcuts, dragging objects, text selection, shooting in games etc. Won’t be understatement to say that left button is the most important and the most used on a mouse. That’s why it breaks frequently.

Right button is used mostly for opening context menu or aiming in games. It’s the second important button of any mouse.  

To check those mouse buttons click them, and if they light up on the picture, they work ok.

Middle mouse button

It's funny, but there are people who don't really know about the button under the mouse wheel. The reason is that this button is rarely used in everyday computer use. Its purpose is various from app to app. The most use scroll button gets in action shooters where it’s often used to throwing objects or in-game menus like weapon selections.

This button is not very reliable due to its construction, so it would be a good idea to test it in this mouse buttons test. When you press this button, the scroll wheel will light up.

Scroll wheel

It’s not a button, but very important element of every mouse. Guess for what the Scroll wheel is mostly used? 😉 For scrolling, right. And now when web pages are becoming longer due to larger fonts, scroll wheels are stressed enough to break very fast.

To check your mouse wheel just scroll in both directions. If the arrows above and below the wheel light up, then the wheel is working.

Don’t forget to test your scroll speed.

Mouse side buttons

Two side buttons for back and forward functions or for binding other actions on gaming mouses.

Sometimes side buttons are swapped on some mouses, don’t worry, it’s ok.

On rare mouses there are more than two side buttons, but those can’t be tested here.