Jitter click aim test
10 s

Check your jitter click aiming skills here:


Try to hit the moving button while clicking quickly. Change the size and speed of the button movement to make the test more difficult.

What is a Jitter click?

Jitter clicking is a technique used in computer gaming to click the mouse button rapidly and repeatedly, often in excess of several hundred clicks per minute. It is used in some video games to gain an advantage over other players by increasing the speed at which the player is able to perform actions such as firing a weapon or attacking an opponent.

Jitter clicking is generally considered to be an advanced technique that requires a lot of practice to master. It is typically used in fast-paced games where quick reflexes and precise mouse movements are important. Some players may use jitter clicking to try to achieve a high score or rank in a game, while others may use it as a way to disrupt or annoy other players.

It is important to note that jitter clicking can be harmful to the hand and wrist, as it puts a lot of strain on the muscles and tendons. If you are interested in learning how to jitter click, it is recommended that you take frequent breaks and practice good hand and wrist ergonomics to avoid injury.

Jitter click CPS

CPS stands for "clicks per second," and it is a measure of how fast a person can jitter click. Some players may use specialized tools or software to measure their CPS, or they may use online test sites like skill-test.net that track and display their clicking speed. CPS is often used as a way to compare the jitter clicking skills of different players, and it can be a source of competition among some gamers.