Online skill tests and tools

Welcome to! Here you will find various tests and tools in which you can check your playing skills for PVP games and more. Feel free to try them all!


Spacebar Speed Test

Press the spacebar as fast as you can and find out your speed. Simple test with editable time.

Spacebar Counter

Count how many times you press the spacebar key. You can start from any number. Great tool to count something.

Keyboard Test

Check your keyboard buttons with this simple online keyboard testing tool.


Click test

Check your clicking speed in CPS. Any time interval, any button.

Right Click test

Special click speed test for right button. Any time interval.

Kohi Click test

Mouse click test with no time limit. Shows current CPS immediately.

Jitter Click test

Check your aiming skills while jitter clicking on moving button. Change time and difficulty...

Click counter

Count clicks with two buttons: "+" or "-". You can start from any preferred number, even negative.

Scroll speed test

Do you want to know how fast you can scroll with your mouse or touchpad? Find it out right now with this simple scroll speed test.

Polling rate checker

This simple online test shows your mouse polling rate. Outputs result in Hz.

Mouse buttons test

Check all your mouse buttons. Press any button and see if it is highlighted on the picture.

Double click test

Test your mouse buttons for a double click issue.


Tap speed test

Almost the same as the click test, but optimized for smartphones and tablets.