Spacebar Counter

Count how many times you can press the spacebar.

To start counting press the spacebar.

Spacebar counter - is a simple tool that shows how many times you have pressed the spacebar.

How does it work

Pressing the spacebar key on this page increments the counter number by 1.

If you want to start from a specific number, enter in the main field.

To set counter back to zero press the “reset” button.

Spacebar Counter saves the number and after reloading the page, the number still will be there.

Why use a spacebar counter

Spacebar Counter is useful to count things without looking at the screen and with mind free from keeping the number. You can count exercise sets when you working out, count words someone says, cars passing by your window or whatever you like.

You can also use counter to make spacebar contest with your friends or participate in TikTok spacebar challenge flash mob.

Spacebar speed test

If you want to check how fast you can hit the spacebar use our spacebar test for this. It has timer and can be used like counter too.