Tap speed test
10 s

Check how fast you can tap your screen:

in the last 7 days

This test is designed specially for smartphone and tabs users to test their taping CPS, but it can be used with PC mouse too. The result is in CPS, but actually it is TPS (taps per second).

How to do tap speed test

To do the tap speed test follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit skill-test.net and find Tap Speed test
  2. Check if timer is ok to you, otherwise change it (it’s near the page header)
  3. Tap the Start button and test will begin immediately
  4. Tap the button as fast as you can
  5. When time is up look at your result
  6. Restart by pressing “Reset” or share result with friends.

Below the test there is table with your recent results ordered by date.

You can visit this page later and time setting will be the same, it’s stored in your browser’s cookies.