Scroll speed test

Check how fast you can scroll the mouse wheel.

Works only with computer mouse wheel or laptop touchpad.

What is the Scroll Test?

The Scroll Test measures how many pixels you can scroll in one second with your mouse. For example, if your speed in this test is 1000 pixels per second, that means you will scroll 10000px page in 10 seconds.

This wheel test is helpful for those who wants to compare different mouse models or scroll speed settings.

How to do scrolling speed test?

To start scroll speed test place the cursor in a colored rectangle and start rotating the mouse wheel in any direction.

Scroll as fast as you can, your current scrolling speed will be displayed in the middle of the rectangle. The faster you scroll the redder the test field will be. Your max speed in current attempt will be shown as well.

Where do you need fast scrolling?

Fast scrolling is essential skill for any computer user, it helps a lot in day to day use of the computer and playing games. It's cool to be able to scroll through huge web page or excel table in few seconds, especially if you don't know special keyboard shortcuts.