Spacebar speed test

Check how fast you can hit the spacebar in this quick spacebar speed test.

⏱ Time: 10 s

The time can be changed if necessary. Set 0 to just count hits.

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What is Spacebar Speed Test?

The Spacebar Speed Test is a very simple tool that can determine how fast you hit the spacebar key, as the title says. It counts the clicks you make and divides them by the number of seconds that have passed since the start, and you get the spacebar speed in hits per second.

Unlike many others spacebar checkers, this one allows to change the time, which is very useful if you want shorter or longer duration to check spacebar CPS.

How to check spacebar speed here

  1. Space bar test starts right after you click “Start” button or press the spacebar key.
  2. Hit the spacebar as fast as possible until time is up.
  3. Get the result

If you want to restart click “Try again” button. You can change the time to try beat your score or to train.

Why do I need to use this test?

This test is designed for those who would like to check the level of their spacebar skill for action games.

But that’s not all. This spacebar clicker also can be used for training. You can set the time to emulate different game situations. Training like this is very helpful for arcade games.

There are also the spacebar challenges. People in social media challenge each other to beat their score in test like this. The most popular is Tiktok spacebar challenge, people here are crazy about it.

Spacebar counter

You do not need timeout and want only to count the spacebar hits? Set the timer to “0” and test will turn into spacebar counter. You can also use our spacebar counter for this purpose.