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Find out your click speed in this simple CPS test:

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What is click test?

Click Speed Test is a simple web app that helps players understand their playing skills, namely click speed. After passing the test, you can get the exact value of the click speed in CPS.

What is CPS?

When measuring click speed test, it’s important to use simple unit that accurately shows the number and gives people good understanding makes it easy to compare the values of different players. That’s why gamers use clicks per second or CPS, which shows how many clicks you can do in one second.

How to check click speed

  1. Go to and find Click Test
  2. Set preferred test duration (default time is 10 seconds)
  3. Click “Start” button and immediately begin to click as fast as possible
  4. Once time is up, check your result in CPS
  5. Restart if you need or share your CPS with friends.

This click test has CPS chart down below main buttons where you can track how your cps rises or drops during the test time. There is also a table where you can find all of your last CPS results on this page and overall max score.

Why use this test?

There are some reasons to use mouse clicking test:

  1. To test your clicking speed, obviously
  2. To make a click challenge with your friends
  3. Use it like trainer, to hone fast clicking skills
  4. It can be used like a stress relief tool
  5. Just for fun, if you bored. CPS clicker has some competitive advantages against other clickers:

  1. Bigger buttons and fonts, easy to use
  2. You can change timer without reloading whole page
  3. CPS graph
  4. CPS history and max score
  5. Lightweight page, with few non-distracting ads.
  6. Easy to share CPS result.

How to increase CPS

Not happy with the result? You can boost up your CPS like other skills. To do that there is a several ways.


The first is to practice this test many times in different time modes. Visit this page every day for 5 minutes and after a week or two you will get some progress.

Advanced clicking techniques

Pro gamers use one of the special clicking techniques:

Jitter clicking - strain arm to make it shake so finger and will the button like a jackhammer.

Drag clicking – make the button vibrate by dragging finger over it.

Butterfly clicking – press the button with two fingers one by one.

There are more, but these three are the most popular and easy.


Lazy lads prefer the easy way – special software that simulates clicks. Auto clickers can do up to 1000 clicks in one second, way more than any human can do. It’s ok if you play alone, but using auto clickers online may be considered cheating, be aware.