Click Counter

Use this simple counter to keep track on things:

Set any number in the field or start from zero.

What is a click counter for?

The main function is to count things and recurring events. Like exercise sets, inventory, people passing by your house or something on TV. It can be used to keep score in competition.

It’s much easier to count something with click counter than keep the number in mind. Use your brain for other important things!

Somebody can use click counter to check mouse functionality or to make click contest with friends.

How to use a click counter?

This tally counter has simple and intuitive design:

  • Click buttons “+” and “-“ to add and subtract number by one.
  • Click on the number to edit it.
  • Use “reset” button to set the counter to zero.

You can enter any positive or negative number which will fit into the field.

Click counter can be used anywhere: on PC, mobile phone or any other devise with internet browser.